I just wanted to say how brilliant it was seeing you. Your presentation was electrifying, the feedback from the students was very positive and many made specific mention of your presentation in the written feedback. 

The course went very well...and your contribution played a huge part in making it successful.

Hope to see you before too long. Good luck with all the fantastic work you do of victims.

Dr Harry Blagg, Honorary Research Fellow, Crime Research Centre, University of Western Australia.

Having heard you speak at the Victims Voice and NEVA Events, I wanted to invite you to speak to staff in the Victims Unit at the Home office.   I appreciated the time and effort you gave to preparing a different input – tailored to the needs of this audience.  Staff here appreciated your input, both for the factual content but also the insight you provided from a victim perspective.  You do not ‘bulldoze’ people with criticism but put across concerns about how systems operate in such a way that people can accept and understand the changes that are required, here and abroad.

I am always impressed by the courage and bravery you [Ann] demonstrate – both in getting on with your life – given the tragedy you have suffered – and also in the positive way you are assisting individual victims and also organisations. 

My very best wishes to you. Hope we can work together again in the future.

Francis Flaxington, Head of Home Office Victims Unit, UK.