Many people want to change humanity, few start by changing themselves.--Leo Tolstoy.

To put it simply, Dr Ann O’Neill is an inspiration. Her story of triumph over severe hardship and her commitment to improving the lives of others is one that should be shared. However it goes much further than that, Ann is able to deliver funny, engaging and well structured presentations that will not only inspire your team, but equip them with tools to overcome and thrive personally and professionally.

Ann is a unique and versatile motivational speaker, she harnesses her own experiences and strategies and tailors them to meet the needs of your business and your people. Her presentations are not only motivational, they provide a true learning experience.     

Ann fills a variety of roles across the community and therefore she has an innate ability to engage with any audience in any format. Her intelligent presentations are a potent mix of humour, experience, frankness and meaningful teaching methods. 

Large corporate firms expanding, restructuring and/or retrenching have engaged Ann to work with them to provide motivation and purpose to the lives and work of their staff.  So too have government departments and community groups.